Saturday, 25 February 2017

Fueled by imagination

In philosophy there is now an ongoing debate whether its main task is to describe or explain reality.  Others ask if philosophy is altogether redundant given the growth of science.  Therefore some claim that it is needed to justify.  However, most of it can truly be called a pure mind-game.  One needs philosophy not for survival but for meaning.

Am thinking, all of this is something we adults engage ourselves with. Children on the other hand, are happy with what they have at hand - at least most of them.  Simple reasoning and even lies told convincingly satisfy them immensely.  They are not too worried about logic or reason.  In fact, they don't care about it at all, and are even attracted to the most illogical and irrational of things!  I guess that's because they prefer to let their imagination add up the rest.

And in their own world, they have a perfect understanding of things between them - their signs, language, actions, thoughts, behaviour... But as we grow old, we feel the need to understand 'perfectly' everything around us.  Everything has to be orderly, neat, organised and systematic.  Perhaps the child also goes by the same principles of order, hierarchy, organisation and system... only that it defies all logic.

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