Monday, 27 February 2017

Strategic Planning

Tomorrow the Team Visit of the Rector Major with the SPCSA council and others commences in Chennai, India.  One of the major points on the agenda is the presentation of the study of Strategic Planning, which commenced almost a year ago.

Being part of it in some way, at some point of it, I know how great an enterprise it was.  Yet I am also aware of the different motivations that initiated it and the various expectations of confreres from this study.  Most wish to rework our working style and format, based on the findings of this study.

However, I wish that this exercise which will be presented in the days to come, will teach us more about who we are than what we should do.  If the former is clarified, the latter will eventually flow.  But if the latter is all that we aim for, then we might end up doing very well but doing someone else's work.

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