Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Structured system

After one has taken an initiative and set off a new pattern of work or thought, it tends to get structured and institutionalized.  As years go by, these become more and more defined and set.  The West and UK in particular, have in a way, set up systems for practically everything.  There is a hardly any aspect of life, work, or anything else that is ad hoc or unstructured.  Everything is neatly ordered and packaged, down to vegetables and flowers!

In such a context working 'outside' the structure is something that does not happen. There is no such sphere that is not covered by the social administration. I'm not saying that everything is working. But to find work, that is beyond any structure is difficult.  Even to help people who are not within the structure or list of 'known identifiable' there is a system, a structure!  So in a sense, unless you tailor yourself to suit the needs of these existing structures, you can be a ball of wool, rolling around doing nothing.

In contrast, in a country like India, with much of life and living unstructured, the possibilities of making a living are plenty.  With no skill and expertise or any knowledge of the system, one can still find oneself 'working'.

Both these ways of living have their own advantages and disadvantages.  

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