Thursday, 24 November 2016

You know...

Every place and every person has their/his/her own vocabulary.  Some of these are so often used that they unconsciously become repetitive and unnecessary.  I discovered the predominant phrase of the Brits: 'You know...'

They say British English is the model for English language. From first hand experience I beg to differ. Or perhaps, I've met and interacted with the 'not-really-English'. One thing is certain, most use this phrase so often without even actually saying what they intend to say, that I now am beginning to feel the itch to interrupt and say "No, I don't!"

Another annoying thing about most conversations is the amount of clatter in every statement.  It looks as if they wish to make their point with as many words as possible and that will automatically make it look grand. May be it is the problem of philosophers - or those who claim to be aspiring to become one... to use 1000 words where just 100 would suffice. However, my years of teaching in the formation houses has helped me appreciate and strive for a language which expresses itself (and me) in clear, precise and short sentences.  Only when one is not clear of what is on one's mind, then all the words keep rolling, tumbling, falling and bouncing. The sentence may be there but to know what is being said, most of the words need to be jettisoned!

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