Monday, 7 November 2016

Torn between...

Two subjects or disciplines that really have had a sway on Philosophy - Western philosophy - right since the beginning are science and art.  While the ancient Greek pioneers were all scientists and mathematicians, the later breed were artists.  On the one hand there is this innate desire to systematize philosophy as a well organised structure, as science is (all black and white, logical, clear cut, definite, understandable...).  People like Descartes, Kant and Heidegger have done their bit quite heroically.

On the other hand there is the attempt to liberate philosophy and make it creative and free... like art or poetry.  Wherein rules are not the most important but the content of what is said.  Not everything needs to be clear-cut or well within grasp. Not necessary that there are set standards to which anything and everything must abide by.  Artists, mystics, poets, have in their own way shown the path.

Now which of these two paths is the way forward? Thinking otherwise, why should philosophy be like science or art at all?

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  1. Philosophy will be like whatever it seeks to make sense of. If science, then it will be logical and definite. If art, then more flexible and relative. You wouldn't chisel marble with a bar of soap nor would you use a mortar and pestle to mix cake batter.


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