Saturday, 26 November 2016

Exalted impotence

There is so much of advertisement these days,  especially in the newspapers, by way of pamphlets and even booklets, for Christmas.  It is all about household goods, gifts, and much for food and drink!  I'm now a bit nauseated at the amount of "propaganda" being done to get people to spend and that too on food and drink!?  Certainly this amount of spending would not be done on advertising, if there was no real possibility of earning it back by way of sale.  That means, people really splurge... that much on such trivial things as food and drink?

On the other hand, there are also appeals on behalf of the suffering children of Syria, the drowning refugees in the Mediterranean, the aged and terminally ill.  I guess they are feeble attempts of a few noble souls to offset the above phenomena.

What pains me most is the lack of will and malicious ignorance to tackle root causes.  Everyone knows that what is going on is not good for humanity yet those powers-to-be, go about totally unaware of it, leave alone speak about/against it.

And I ask myself, what the -- am I doing here? 

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