Monday, 14 November 2016


Yesterday morning when I returned from the Parish Mass, I was all by myself in the house and I said to myself, perhaps I could try my hand at some cooking.  I didn't try much of an adventure and settled to make some noodles.  I did 'cook' noodles ultimately - of course, those who really cook can always contend that noodles doesn't qualify under cooked-items. Anyway, it was good - why wouldn't it be!

The only time I ever cooked was during my first year of Practical training, in 2000 while at Kondadaba.  It was the Christmas holidays and I was the only staff member in the house and I generously granted all the domestic helpers some holidays.  Only after this act of generosity, was I told that a handful of boys would come and stay for a sort of vocation camp!  Rather than send word for the cooks, I tried the first day.  I started with something in mind, but it turned out to be a brand new dish!  The boys didn't know who the cook was and since I was the only 'authority' in the house, they asked me what was the dish they had for supper.  We all survived the day.  However, I did not want to experiment on the boys and called back the cooks for the next few days.  

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