Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Blood donation

Last evening I went to the Chertsey community hall for the blood donation drive. I had already registered myself online.  However, after initial filling in the forms and a couple of layers of interviews, I was politely told that I cannot donate blood... at least for another five months (six months from date of arrival in UK).  Reason: I come from Hyderabad which is in a "slightly malaria prone area" in their official medical map of the world. With nothing else to do, I said 'Thank you' and returned home.

Honestly felt very disappointed and a bit angry too.  Tried consoling myself saying that perhaps those who eventually receive blood from me may be susceptible to malaria or something like that.  However, the thought that back in India, I had to get people (while at Warangal) with great difficulty to donate blood every time the Red Cross team would come asking for blood and the present situation where I was willing and ready but not accepted, was not very comforting.  In India, there is constantly shortage of blood and there are not many willing to donate, and here, there are people willing but the screening is so stringent that very few really get to donate!

Well if the system does take care of medical emergencies then good.  No one needs to be anxious about not receiving blood in time for any emergency.  I can always find other ways of doing good.

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