Saturday, 26 November 2016


An excerpt from Dag Hammarskjokld's Markings
He came with his little girl. She was wearing her best clothes.
You saw how careful she was with her fine coat.
Others saw also -- saw, with indifference, that it had been
another little girls' fine coat,
which had been fine another year. 
In the morning it had been festive in the sunshine.
Now most people had already gone home.
The balloon sellers were counting the day's receipts.
Even the sun had kept abreast with the others and gone to rest behind a cloud.
So it was quite bleak and deserted when he came with his little girl
to taste the joy of spring and to be warmed in a newly polished Easter sun. 
But she was satisfied.
They were both of them satisfied.
For they had learned a humility which you have yet to grasp.
A humility which never compares, which does not reject
that which is for 'something else' or for 'more'. 

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