Thursday, 3 November 2016

Small things...

When you are in a new country and things are done differently than you are normally used to, then every move becomes significant, though not without some anxiety and tension. Today I went to the post office to send my passport and biometric residence permit (BRP) to the Driving and Licensing agency as part of my application for a provisional driving license.

Here in Britain they have a sort of varied mail service.  Not very complicated but cannot claim to be so when you are dabbling with it the first time.  Since it was my passport and BRP I did not want to take any risks of losing or misplacing these important original documents. So sent them by special/recorded delivery.  Costly, though.

Sharing this exciting experience of finding out the nearest post office, getting to know the procedure, filling out the different forms and addresses, collecting the receipt, finding out the tracking code and then making it back home, with someone who has lived here all his life is a funny experience.  However kind and concerned they may be, the look on their face "Dude, it's just the post office you went to!" makes you then realize that it is after all the post office you went upto, not the Queen's chamber!

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