Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Truth claims

Have been reading, wrestling - and to a great extent understanding - Richard Rorty this whole day.  I liked particularly one thing that he is quite strong about: the craze for claiming to 'know it all' and thereby the pedestal of authority one sets oneself on.  Pre-Enlightenment era, religion did it and since then it is science which has been seen as 'the authority'.  So he basically calls for a 'conversation', a discussion, rather than a 'race to solve problems'. And that he says is what philosophy should be doing; not establishing 'another order of truth and knowledge'.

This makes sense, especially in the field of education and reminds me of the following quote of Albert Einstein:

Have been jotting down very many thoughts and ideas these days to complete an assignment on Rorty.  As I almost finished re-reading his book Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, I find myself laughing, that initially when I began reading the book, I wanted to throw it out of the window - luckily it is only the pdf version and I certainly do not wish to part with my laptop! And now here I am, taking notes and making my own notes of the same book, with great zeal.  

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