Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Remembering those no more

Remembered the few departed whom I know specially today:

  • Getrude Pinto (grandma-maternal)
  • Raymond Pinto (grandpa-maternal)
  • Charles D'Souza (uncle)
  • Charles Castilino (grandpa-paternal)
  • Anthony Castilino (uncle)
  • Elias Castilino (uncle)
  • Fr John Lens
  • Fr Benjamin Puthota
  • Fr Mauro Casaroti
  • Fr C. Thomas
  • Br Gabriel Fernandez
  • Fr Ronald Menezes (my Rector while at Matunga)
  • Br P.M. Thomas (while at Nashik)
  • Fr Varricatt John (confessor while at Karunapuram)
  • Fr P.E. Abraham
  • Fr M.D. Jacob
  • Inna Reddy (novitiate companion)
  • Fr Pasala Jojappa (novitiate companion)
  • T. Anand (novitiate companion)
These are the only two photos (hard copies) I have with me - the only ones I've ever had for a long long time... and all three of them have left an indelible mark on me as a person. Am really thankful to God for them!
Grandpa (Aab) and Grandma (Odlimai)

Fr John Lens

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