Saturday, 5 November 2016

Kids are kids...

One fact that I'm beginning to realize is that kids are kids, anywhere! While adults behave differently in different places and certainly in different countries, children are the same wherever they are! They be Chris and Anet back at home, or kids here in Britain.  Exchanging family news with Katie, our cook, and witnessing first hand the way children (especially all those aged around 4) behave it is all the same!  They are mischievous, full of life and never angelic (the only exception is when they are fast asleep). They just cannot keep quiet or stay idle.  They have to be doing something or the other, mostly getting in the way of the grown ups.

All said and done, none of us can disagree that with kids around, there is no dearth of entertainment and life!  Though they drain every bit of your energy, they also make us aware that we too are still alive and have energy.

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