Wednesday, 9 November 2016

On air...

For the first time, I was on air/radio today. Fr John invited me, in the place of a friend of his who didn't show up, to be the guest of the day.  He asked me to speak about six special moments of my life along with some songs that best describe these moments.

Though the script (basic content) was there, I was a bit anxious because you never know which direction it would take once the conversation begins.  However I was quite relaxed too, for I said, I'm not going to say things which I do not know about. Those things I know, I know.  And what's the fear in speaking about things I know well.  Moreover the one sitting opposite to me leading me into conversation is a confrere, why fear!

As I went through it, I also realized things of my own, my own deep convictions and ideas.  Because when live on air and with questions or topics you're not really fully scripted and ready, and with the basic practice that you'd not lie, you hear yourself say what's strongest or uppermost in your mind.  It is not tension or fear but sincere thoughts clearly expressed.

So we spoke of how I became a Salesian Brother, my work with street children, days at school, bollywood, Hyderabad...
Speaking to John later, I realised how great this ministry is.  You never know whom you reach out to, (besides the one with you in the studio), how deep your impact is going to be and on whom.  But still with this kind of possibility, every effort is worthwhile.  Of course, you bring to it your own inescapable flavour of being a religious.  

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