Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Prayer (Dag Hammarskjold)

Here's a lovely prayer from Waymarks penned by Dag Hammarskjold:
You who are over us,
You who are one of us,
You whoh are -- also in us,
may all see you -- also in me,
may I prepare the way for you,
may I be grateful for all that then befalls me.
May I at the same time not forget the needs of others,
Keep me in your love
as you would that all should remain in mine.
May everything in my being be directed to your glory and
may I never despair.
For I am under your hand,
and in your is all power and goodness. 
Give me a pure heart -- that I may see you,
a humble heart --  that I may hear you,
a loving heart -- that I may serve you,
a believing heart -- that I may remain in you. 

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