Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Of squirrels and cats

Here in UK the squirrels that I've come across in the countryside of Surrey are quite big, in comparison with those back in India.  They are almost as big as the bandicoots.  In comparison to the Indian squirrels, these are almost three to four times their size.

If only they were of this size growing in India, they'd have been extinct by now!  When I first stated about the size of the creatures to Saju, the first thing he too said was this, "They'd all be hunted and eaten by now!"

Even the cats here appear bigger. They surely are more fluffy and thus appear fatter than their Indian counterparts.  I suppose it is the climate that makes the difference.  To combat the cold, every creature is to have certain amount of body fat. I don't think food, or rather the amount of food intake, affects the body size of these animals.  If that were the case, there should be some bloated ones and others famished, anywhere. 

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