Saturday, 19 November 2016


Several times during our community moments of prayer and in the Parish I hear this fervent prayer for 'persecuted Christians' across the globe and places where the proclamation of the Word of God is prohibited.  But looking at the actual situation here in the country makes me also see a sort of similarity in contexts.  In places like Syria and Afghanistan, Christians are persecuted and there is barely anyone to really stand by them.  It is more a struggle for survival and yet people retain their faith.  Here in the UK, the ambiance is perfectly peaceful; there are several churches; rather sufficient clergymen (though not as before) and the whole system is indeed very Christian... but most people don't want to listen!  They are happy living their lives totally disconnected from the Church or the faith.  I do not say that they are living immoral lives, certainly no, but the Church has no say in their living.

A weird situation: in one place they cannot speak and even if someone dares to, he or she is silenced; in another they can but no one is willing to listen!  No wonder, it is said that evangelization is primarily the work of the Spirit! 

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