Monday, 7 November 2016

Sacrifice God

Am reading Nietzsche for my lectures this week.  He really is spitting venom against Christianity - really!  Must have had something really terribly gone wrong with his relationship with the Church or the understanding of Christianity, to speak so bitterly of the whole religion.  Of course, he is entitled to express his opinion.  Just because I feel upset or strange about it does not make him right or me right!

He critiques practically every aspect of Christianity: priesthood, vows, ideals proposed, The Bible, tradition, faith, doctrines, sanctity, ... God himself.

There is certainly an element of truth in his critique. Historically the Church did stand out for its emphasis on the external and used doctrine to strangle people, maintain its supreme power, rather than empower people. Furthermore he is basically a reflection of the modern philosophical trend which was basically anti-Christian.  But Nietzsche seems to have ruled out the non-spiritual element of religion altogether.  With that gone, there is really no 'tangible' or arguable proof or point. However, to still sensibly propose Nietzsche with arguments without 'invoking the Spirit' is a challenge in itself.

Most importantly, without having read and understood all of his works, it will certainly be unfair to offer a critique to Nietzsche. Most certainly not merely on likes or dislike.  For one steeped so deeply in 'Christian thought/tradition' it is quite a task to look fairly upon Nietzsche, much less look 'objectively' at one's own faith.  

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