Thursday, 10 November 2016

Variety of passions

Sitting in the library beside students from the various departments of the college, and when tired of reading, I sometimes glance at what they are studying. Some are pouring over some mathematical equations for hours.  Someone else is scratching her head over some economic theory. Sometime it is a physics student trying to figure out an equation and at other times it is a stats guy trying to get his graphs and curves right.  Each and everyone serious and involved.  Looking at some of them,  I wonder what on earth is so appealing about a chemical formula or a graph?  Some of them staring away at a renaissance painting, of which I can make no head or tail.
The place where I study in the college, Bedford library
The place on the right is my spot! Since I come early there is hardly anyone at all.
Other days when I come after class, it is a real treasure hunt to get a place! 
The answer, I remind myself, is the look that I get when I tell people that I'm studying philosophy!  "Didn't you find anything else to study?" "Oh, gosh, what a headache to even hold a decent conversation with someone studying philosophy. They just seem to be trying to figure of meaning and synthesis and what not.  Couldn't they just chat normal matters?"

I guess, if I were to have tasted something of history or chemistry, I too would have been studying history or chemistry and certainly not philosophy.  The point however, is that each one of us has our own passions, something that we are deeply in love with and the rest is all gooblegookdeek, at least mostly! 

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