Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Poor souls...

This afternoon, Fr Sean and I took a walk to the Chertsey cemetery. Knowing all too well that today is 'All Souls Day' we were not really expecting a big crowd, given the culture of the place. But I was rather surprised to see that there was none!  Not even one person visiting the dead.  There literally was no life in the cemetery!

Anyway we visited the Salesians buried there - a dozen of them. Most of them Fr Sean knew or had some memory of.  But I could see it pained him to see the state of the tombs - though he didn't want to show it.  The Salesian Sisters tombs were very neat and well kept. That of the Salesians was a real mess.  He took consolation in the fact that Fr John is already in negotiation with the Economer to get the tombs redone.  I felt a bit ashamed to see the overgrowth on the tombs. It was not so just two weeks ago when I went in there.
Later at supper I asked Fr John if they would redo the whole area or just the epitaph. He said the whole place, at which Fr Sean's eyes lit up a bit. I had already decided that if they weren't going to, I would at least clean up the area tomorrow itself. 

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