Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The art of reflection

One of the good things about being at Royal Holloway is that information about the various activities is really broadcasted (on the Facebook, on noticeboards and through e-mails). Most of these events are free and anyone is welcome.  Of the many possibilities I attend some of the seminars or talks by different people in different departments - not all, though.  Interesting thing is that these talks are often about very strange things. Last week there was one about 'walls' and their role in exclusion. The one I attended today was about swearing.

What's most interesting is to note that there are already extensive researches or study being done about these seemingly innocuous or "simple" topics, which otherwise one would never give a second thought.  Secondly the ability of people to reflect upon such themes, and read up stuff related to them. This indepth reflection or 'philosophical content', if not explicit usage of philosophical ideas, shows that philosophy is not treated as a subject, but more as a system of thought.

For some it may seem as an unnecessary "intellectualization" of life, and in a way it is, but I'm actually happy about the love and the ability to reflect and fuel one's interest by wide reading.

I'm also told that in most schools children are taught philosophy!  One teacher already told me that it is something of philosophy of religion, mostly.  But honestly would like to know what exactly is taught to children under the topic of philosophy!

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