Monday, 28 November 2016

Debating truth

Matter of truth?

The geo/helio centric theory:
  • Earth is the centre, said Ptolemy. Kepler put sun at the centre.  The thing-in-itself is there all the time. (Taylor)
  • This is not a matter of truth but of simplicity (due to the relativity of motion) (Russell)
  • There is a distinction to be drawn between causality and description of it (Rorty)
So is there an objective fact? or a social consensus?  or neither?  or something in between?  When does one or the other become true?

Even if one is talking of the conflicting beliefs of the real world: abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment... and about matters of fact: existence of god, after-life... where does truth lie?

(some points from the book Truth and Progress by Richard Rorty)

"What is truth?"
Never dared attempt that question during my entrance exam for M.Ph. at Nashik (in 1998) nor do I do now! 

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