Saturday, 18 September 2010

Passion and Talent

This morning during Mass Fr Louis cited a very inspiring quote:

Where there is passion, talent is created or invented.

I suppose it is the truth. Whenever we are passionate about something, we somehow find the time, talent and the resources to accomplish that what we are really after. Whereas when we are not interested in something, however much talented we may be, the work is never accomplished or complete. The worst I fear is passionless talent! It is as good as a bald man living in the temple town of Tirupati (where most of the population is with a shaved head) having a comb; it is neither useful to him nor to others. The comb in itself, is neither good nor bad, but what use is it to anyone, if there is no real need of it. So too, what great worth is a talent if there is no passion to achieve, be, do, something with it.

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