Friday, 24 September 2010

Letters to God

I just watched the movie Letters to God... a beautiful tale of an eight-year old boy diagnosed with cancer and fighting a losing battle with the support of his mother, grandmother, brother and a faith-filled community and friends. It's a lovely picture of what prayer and faith can bring about in any life. Though fictionalised, the movie is inspired by a true story.

What I liked best in the movie is its challenge to believe, especially when things are not going your way or worse still, you know that things are not going to be any different than they are. But you believe that not everything will be the same. And great are you if in those distressing moments are able to pray... just say God what you want to say. No big lists of requirements or petitions, just pouring your heart out to God.

I remember Fr Stan telling us during one of his sermons or goodnight talks the simplest definition of prayer: not telling lies to God.

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