Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Traffic violations and gender

Two days ago on my way back from Vijayawada, at the railway station, I was amused to see a couple of large advertisement boards for awareness of traffic rules in the city. The boards were a set of real life photos of transgressors in their act. The bottom row of photos were a set of creative ideas depicting various traffic rules. It was indeed a noble and creative task of the town. However of the many photos that I saw and approved of, there was one (just one) that I felt was offensive and totally out of place. It was of a woman pulling a rickshaw. I wonder why at all was that an offense?? Should not women be allowed to work. Just because the rickshaw was being drawn by a woman how could that be an offense... that too on par with riding while on the mobile, or without a helmet or without belt...! Ridiculous!

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