Friday, 17 September 2010

Private resolve endorsed by a public expression

The gospel of yesterday was quite revealing... It is about the faith of the woman and the love that Jesus recognises in her. The Lord states that her many sins are forgiven because she loved much. The gospel ends with Jesus saying that her faith has saved her. I firmly believe that she went away happy and lived a very difficult life... yes, a difficult one. She never again sinned. But the stigma of her past life would have followed her around like her own alter shadow. Yet she chooses to live with that disgrace and not fall back to it, in spite of everything and everyone expecting nothing more from her.

For this transformation to happen, there ought to be more than just weeping and wiping of feet. Her private resolve to seek forgiveness - or I don't know if that is what she came to Jesus for - or just seek Jesus' help was accompanied by a public act of repentance. She enters the house of a person, where I'm sure there are only men. She courageously Jesus straight and proceeds to wash His feet and anoint them. She could have very well said that 'interiorly' she has realised her sinful ways and she would change them. But no, she decides to make known to all and does not feel guilty about her act of conversion.

Her private resolve was endorsed - at least by her - by a public expression of conversion. I wonder how many of us have that courage!

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