Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Attitude and life

We met the Archbishop of Vizag this morning to greet him on his b'day. It was part of our day out as the staff (however, Fr Rinoy was away in Hyderabad for his retreat). I found the Bishop surprisingly pleasant and cheerful. Though he would not remember what he had just asked or spoken about, he was quite happy about things. As we were on our way back home after a good lunch at Daspalla hotel, I was wondering what if he were not to be a Bishop? Would he have been treated, respected and held in honour just the same way as he is now? Perhaps, no! But would he have felt the difference or would it matter to him whether or not others showed great interest in him? Well that would depend much on what attitudes he has grown up with.

As someone said, ultimately it all boils down to our attitude to life. True indeed.

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