Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Another Mass wasted!

Yesterday evening was another torturous Mass!! The introduction was more about the exaltation of Rajasthan than the exaltation of the Cross. Anyway, the sermon was a real bore. The preacher did not know what to say next. He just kept wandering about in a maze of words, which meant nothing to anyone, least of all to himself. Then as the icing on the cake came the moment of announcements by the Parish Priest.... another episode of comedy and confusion. However there were enough events happening simultaneously that kept the Brothers - and me - awake all through the Mass, like there was this small kid talking and playing with his father all through the Mass, literally all through the Mass... and the father did nothing!

The moment I knew that the Preacher had no clue what he was speaking, I tried to meditate on what could the 'Cross' mean to me. I was wondering what if Christ was beheaded with a sword or an axe. Would we be having either of them hanging on our walls as we now do with a crucifix? Imagine an axe around our necks and on our walls at home!! Well, I don't think there is anything about the cross - or for that matter, the sword or the axe - but the love and generosity with which Christ embraced the cross. This we need to understand and take to heart, lest we get stuck to the cross, forgetting that Jesus himself the cross long long ago!!

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