Sunday, 5 September 2010

Drawing lines and making decisions

The past three days have been hectic, crazy...!! It was all about organising and arranging for the Parent's Day of the third course Brothers. With me overseeing it all, it was a bit difficult. But the Brothers were there to do the work. I only had to reign their enthusiasm and channel it in the proper direction. With the third years I was a 'Hitler'... I did not give them an inch more than what was decided earlier. Not that I could not but I certainly did not! The reason: I realise that they are not able to understand and be responsible for the exceptions or relaxation that I make for one instance. They would stretch it far beyond the permitted limit and for all crazy reasons. But once I told them in no uncertain terms what was my stand, they fell in place... no matter how hard or difficult they made it appear. Most of them only test the waters; they only wish to see if they can get something more than what is already granted in abundance!

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