Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Power of Don Bosco, stories and... Fr Lens

The other day when I was in Gunadala, Fr Louis (the Rector) and Fr James Jerome (the dean) asked me to give the goodnight to the boys after supper and Rosary. As I sat there waiting for the boys to finish their night prayers, I was reminded of my days at Gunadala (way back in 1993-1995) especially the moments in that Chapel. Of course then the Chapel was smaller, carpetted with some coir mats and with no amplifier and sound system. During my second year there, Fr Lens was the Rector and I still remember the weekly narration of Salesian history he gave just before the Sunday adoration... we just loved it!! The very fact that it was about the life of Don Bosco was enough to make it interesting. But what made it all the more 'addictive' - if I may say so - was that it was narrated by Fr Lens. If it were someone else, I don't think it would have made such impression upon us. On Sundays when he narrated the life of Don Bosco for just 10 minutes, we hung on to every word of his, every action of his was followed, every expression on his face was registered. There was nothing, really nothing, that we would have exchanged those 10 min. for.

Power of Don Bosco, and the power of story telling and I would also add, the power of Fr Lens!

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