Saturday, 11 September 2010


The tension and the uneasiness about the Parents' day events are still playing large on the faces of very many third course Brothers. I know too well that while for most of us in the community, the programme went on well, quite a few of the third years are still 'hurt' by my 'intolerance' and 'unreasonably stern attitude'. Looking back I also see that I was really hard on them. I didn't give them an inch more than what I had decided earlier. At times I wonder if I was too rigid. But I also 'console' myself saying that if I weren't so, there would have been real chaos and disorder. I still don't know whether what I did was right or not. But this I know, that I can and need to do better... the only problem is that I'm caught in a dilemma: what to do better and how!!

This reminds me of the dilemma between the urge to impose one's ideas on others, on the one hand and the need to make oneself acceptable, on the other.

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