Thursday, 23 September 2010

Decision to leave the Seminary

This afternoon Fr Rector made known to the community the sad news that one of the second year students had made a bold decision to discontinue his seminary formation and get back home. Given a chance to address and thank the community, he openly stated that he was not really desirous of becoming a priest and that he did not want to drag on and be what he did not really want to be. Appreciating his bold decision, the community thanked him for his sharing and gathered round him, especially the second year students. They gave him a fitting send off. Here he is seen with his companions before leaving the Seminary.

What I appreciate in him was his desire to quit (hopefully genuine) not because he was asked to leave or anything else, but because he thought it was the right thing to do. He was not keen to carry on any further this pretense of 'wanting to be a Priest'. Good for him and the community as well. I hope and pray that others who are not really happy here and find themselves out of place take inspiration from this Brother and discern their true vocation sooner than later.

The community now numbers 88 (83 students and 5 staff members). God bless...!

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