Monday, 13 September 2010

Jesus' death and our salvation?

During the heated discussions during the Anthropology class, there was something I said... something akin to this: Jesus Christ would have been our saviour even without dying on the Cross. Later one of them came to me asking if it were really possible? I told him that, had Jesus any better option than the cross, He would have chosen it. His goal and mission was to redeem mankind, not merely dying on a cross.

I remember reading and discussing something like this in my theology classes in Shillong (if I am not mistaken with Fr Gomes). But now I forget what answer or 'way out' of this dilemma was given. Hope I'm not kicking off a heresy or some idiotic principle.

Whatever it be, if I'm able to get my fellows to think a little, leave alone think different, then I'm blessed!!!

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