Friday, 17 September 2010

For the next semester

The Brothers concluded the classes for the first semester today. They commence their study leave tomorrow onwards. Most of them are shit scared of exams. So assistance now becomes a bit easy. Furthermore I told them not to loiter around the whole house but stick to the vicinity of the study hall and the library. With them busy and seriously involved in 'study', I need to get my act together for the next semester. Prior to that there are holidays in between which I need to get ready with. Some of the Brothers are already apprehensive that the holidays after the exams are anything but holidays!! They say a lot of things about it but I also very well know that they look forward to it.

As with regards to the next semester, I have a subject with each of the course - that's something I always look forward to, interacting with them in the class, as much as I do so outside it. However, having seen the Brothers style of study and learning habits, I wish to try something different with my teaching style. I want them to learn rather then me teaching and they looking at me with great admiration, while all that I am saying is flying high and well beyond their heads! More of a seminar style with lots of exercises, short assignments, group work and of course, plenty of reading. I do not see any other way to deepen their thinking pattern than this.

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