Thursday, 9 September 2010

Alarm piece hunt!

The other day was a wild-goose chase... or should I call it, a digital alarm piece chase?? Since we were in Vizag for lunch and wishing the Bishop, on his birthday, I decided to make use of the chance to purchase a digital alarm piece. The one I am currently using is so eccentric that it either needs an overhauling or needs to be hauled over the fence!! Anyway, what surprised me was that after searching practically the whole of Vizag, I couldn't find one decent, simple, functioning digital alarm piece. I remember seeing them galore in Hyderabad everywhere. Here not even the best or sophisticated shops had one.

I wonder: Is Vizag too different from Hyderabad or is it that I was not looking for the thing in the right place. Whatever it be, I hope to get one soon. It is another story that Fr KT was trying to make use of this opportunity - again - to convince me to get a cell phone. But I think I'm pretty much clear and decided about that: no cell phone, at least for now.

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