Monday, 27 September 2010

A service to the Church... and myself!

Today was my last exam for this semester with the Brothers... Modern Indian Philosophy. It went or rather well, I should say. However there were some who were a real pain in the ...! I guess, I'll have to meet them again, at least face their written supplementary exams. Some had no idea of what they were saying. Some were so enthusiastic and eager to narrate the life of the philosophers but by the time they began to explain the philosophy all wind was out of the sail!! As one was literally pouring out words which meant nothing at all to him and me, I was picturising him preaching from the pulpit as a Priest!! Not permitting such guys to carry on their formation and become Priests, is a great service I'd be doing, not just to the Church of Andhra Pradesh but to myself as well!!

Nothing against the Holy Spirit, but I firmly believe that those who really do not even make the least of efforts to understand what they are up to, deserve no concern or sympathy - not even from the Holy Trinity - at least in the field of formation. The best is to gently lead them to the gate and kick their butt off!!

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