Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Always welcome and at home!

This evening I saw some of the children of the neighbouring school come to the Seminary to meet Fr Rector. Since they found me at the entrance and seeing that I was not working but 'supervising' they concluded that I had to be a 'Father'... that's how they wished me! (Clever and observant, they are!)

Well on knowing that Fr Rector was away and would be back late in the evening they decided to come tomorrow. Just as they wished me goodbye, an auto packed with people stopped at the seminary gate. Immediately some of those children who did not have cycles, 'disappeared' in what till then was a perfectly packed auto! I just stained a bit to see where exactly did these children manage to squeeze in and I was surprised to see that all the passengers made place for these new entrants. I guess they (every one in the auto, including the drive) were from the same village and they certainly did not mind a few more passengers, and most certainly, not children!

The children were perfectly welcome and on their part were totally at home, even if it meant a tightly packed ride back home!

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