Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Affirmation through criticism

On Sunday I received the best affirmation about my work... it was a day of the official visit of the Episcopal delegate of the Seminaries. Having met the Brothers in the morning, he reported to us their feedback on the life and activities of the community. Most of the points he stated were ridiculous, but since he could not grasp their motives or was ignorant (knowingly or inherently!) of the students desire to lay low, there was a long list. The most emphatic of his observations was regarding the weekend ministries. Of course, he had his own opinion about it and was looking at their anxieties from that perspective.

And as I always believe, the more the students criticize (and feel free to do so) while you are with them, the better you are doing your job!! I prefer they feel the heat now than 30 years later when they have no chance of doing better!!

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