Monday, 6 September 2010

Lessons... valuable lessons!

A few lessons from the Parents' Day that we celebrated till yesterday - yeah, it was supposed to be 'a' day but it turned out to be for 'four' days!!
  • Never take for granted that what you think is what Brothers think. Or even the other way around. No thoughts match!!
  • Never assume that the Brothers have understood every word of what you have said, even if you repeat your instructions thrice. (They have understood/listened to only what they want to understand, or have already decided to think about).
  • Never be sure that what you said will be done, for they already have their mind fixed on something. What you said was only affirming what they have been thinking... so they 'think'!!Ex.: "I THOUGHT you said..."
  • Never give more than an inch of what you have decided and finalised ... lest you lose every bit of what you have!
For the news about the Parents' Day, here it is!

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