Saturday, 18 July 2009

Religion/Faith and Economics

This morning one of our Rectors here in the Provincial house for a purpose, was all excited about Christians in AP being granted SC status. He was talking about it for long and praising this move of the Chief Minister, YSR. I really did not understand what tickled him so much about this whole thing... till he said, 'now most of the Catholics will be able to live their faith openly and freely'. Then it struck me that he was a man in the mission field trying to build up the small Christian community he was 'shepherding'. Perhaps this denial of privileges was something that kept his community from exercising their faith in its fullest. Hence when this opening is provided he feels happy for them. Rightly so!

However, I wanted to protest: How can anyone better their faith just because a monetary privilege is now available? After all, this means that Christians are entitled to scholarships, concessions and so on, without denying that they are followers of Christ. But I didn't say a word; I still have not really lived their life. I really have not lived their daily struggles to make that statement, while instead I am sitting at a table well laid out and assured that it will be there again, everty time I come in.

That very many say, there is no big connection between faith and economics, I agree; but religion and economics, that's another equation!

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