Monday, 20 July 2009

Mission and resources

During the adoration service at Kurnool, Fr TV Thomas shared an interesting angle to the apostolate we carry out in the Province:
Most often in our service to the people, we wait for our fill, our comfort and all necessary facilities in order to begin the mission. We need a proper house, a four-wheeler, ration stocked up for a month, money in the bank (FDs) and in hand too, 'workable' confreres... the list is quite long! Instead, the Lord does not want us to be fully prepared to launch out into the mission entrusted. The moment He commissions us, He already gives us the basic necessities. Launch out with that, rather than wait for the ideal moment and perfection of resources. The danger in waiting to begin is that we may end up safe and secure in our institute and then wait for people to come to us. After all, there is so much of infrastructure available, why then waste our time going around and visiting people?! Let them come here and we shall see what we can do - is the attitude we develop. We become institutionalised. Or we end up becoming slaves of the comforts available that mission is sacrificed totally.
I wait for the day, when confreres are willing to go to their new place of apostolate (especially if it is a new intiative) without any money, go by bus, rent a home, eat the ordinary food, drink the available water, go around establishing a rapport with the people, study the situation and then start the work in response to that felt need. Money and comfort, spoil the best of intentions and motivation! May be I'm exaggerating, but after seeing things 'live', this is my strong feeling!

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