Saturday, 4 July 2009

Church and mundane matters

These days the regional CRI (Hyderabad) is having a workshop on Ecology and the Church. This is perhaps one of the themes yet to catch up in the Church. Nearly 10 years ago when Fr Joshtrom was all for it and in his own humble ways drawing our attention to it, this never struck me. But today as I look around and realise the growing consciousness about ecology and nature, I feel, much can be wrought if the Church too gets involved in this. May be the Church - beginning with me and including me - is 'suspicious' of becoming too 'earthy' if it gets 'imbroigled' in all these issues: ecology, human rights, media... May be the 'spiritual' character of the Church may get watered down or we are frightened to get 'dirty'. Anyway, one good thing is that the Church is making a valiant effort. There are people in the Church who are integrating life and living and are thus convincingly able to guide others to a more integrated and unified living - something more than just prayers and novenas!

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  1. Taking care of the ecology.... the flora & fauna... the tress, the plants, the birds and the bees.. the fish & the sea.... will eventually help us to become a better you & me..... and that is I believe what actual spirituality is....

    stewards.... not owners..... caretakers & sustainers..... not wholesalers & retailers.... however our roles, our positions, our plays of power, possession... have reduced a balanced spirituality to an endangered reality..... & GOD is not too happy with it all..... "I don't want your prayers & offerings... I don't care for your novenas & triduums.... all I wish is a loving, caring you... through which you honour ME...!!"


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