Monday, 27 July 2009

Moses, Don Bosco and Benjy

Listening to Fr Benjy, I'm reminded about what the Israelites must have felt when they were listening to Moses, immediately after his 'conversations' with Yahweh: so passionate, spirit-filled and convinced. It must have been very exciting for the Israelites to await what Moses would speak and say. Similarly Benjy must have said, "We are living Don Bosco's" at least 25 times in his 45 introductory talk.

This is something very many of us admire in him: his passionate love for Don Bosco and the Salesian congregation. At times, even bordering fanatisism... but total and contagious. Being with him anyone will fall in love with Don Bosco and embark on a journey of knowing more of Don Bosco. Perhaps this is what it means 'being filled with', totally imbued!

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