Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another 'Chapter'!

The Provincial Chapter 7 (PC 7) is taking off as I type these few lines in the next room. The pre-capitular committee is meeting for the first time with the Provincial to chalk out the plan and the process. Looking back I did good by excusing myself of this responsibility. Frankly, I realise the enormous potential a Chapter has. But often it gets weighed down by (and under) the paper work, so much so that as Fr TD says, there is a genereal 'Chapter fatigue'!!

I am keenly following the whole procedure for I intend to contribute my best and learn the ropes of it along the way. Working with Fr Varicka in Shillong for the ING PC was a good experience. While from our PC 6 I learnt how NOT to do things, with Fr Varicka it was a riot of exploration and adventure. Unfortunately that was my first PC and it was totally new. Hope to reinforce my experience and learning with this one that is just taking off.

1 comment:

  1. My hour is not yet come... but come Sunday.. & I too get bogged down in this papersome, venture..!!


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