Sunday, 12 July 2009

Growing strong and deep roots

These days I've been going through the correspondence of Br Gabriel Fernandez who passed away a year ago (July 22, 2008 to be precise) for some material to be included in his mortuary letter being prepared by Fr Maliekal and Fr TV Jose. Most of his own writings (in the scattered diaries) is about his 'low-moments'. I guess he was busy celebrating the 'highs' to pen any of his thoughts and points of view. I also wonder, if he had anything to fall back to, especially in moments when he was down and out. I am sure such moments would have been in plenty given his delicate health in the last years of his life. Did he really have something to hold on to? I have my doubts...

I hope I have something more deep and profound to hold on to when I reach that stage of life (if at all I live that long). This blog of mine sure does have fragments I can collect and thoughts I can weave together, time permitting to look at myself and my life. More than this text, I think what is within me will sustain me, especially in my dark nights - or darkened nights!! So make hay while the sun shines.

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