Friday, 10 July 2009

His touch!

Very many times in life, I wonder what makes certain things turn around so drastically that it is hard to believe that it was something else or someone else altogether in the previous look. Discussing with Thathi about things in life and in our formation process this morning, I felt that at times there is something so different about people who are really motivated. They know what they are here for, and the way they go about with life is something so inspiring. Not that they are highly talented but that they exude a sort of spirit and create an ambiance which somehow makes them stand out. Best of all, they INSPIRE!!

There is the famous poem 'The touch of the Master's hand'... perhaps we have to believe that this is also possible when changes take place. Rather than we effect all changes, we let Him too do something... and when He is upto something, He changes everything.

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