Saturday, 18 July 2009

The little boy and the five thousand...

Some reflections that I shared with the MHM aspirants yesterday at Parigi...
I was reflecting with them the parable of the feeding of the five thousand and these are the points I highlighted:
  • It looks funny that of the five thousand gathered there, only one boy had something to offer! None of the others brought anything? Or were they not willing to share, as generously as the boy did?
  • The boy surrendered all he had and left it at that... no conditions, no asking for payment, no selfish thoughts as to say, "That's only for Jesus and me."... freely and totally given. Once given is given, no further claims and conditions about the offer.
  • Jesus took it, blest it and distributed it. What was offered by one, sufficed for five thousand and more. Even the one who offered it had a good helping. Imagine if all the five thousand were to give something to Jesus!! May be the world is surviving on the generosity of only a few. If only more were willing and generous, there'd be plenty for everyone and more too!

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