Friday, 24 July 2009

Over-riding the circle of hurt-anger-revenge

Today I was part of an embarrassing situation, not because it involved me but because it involved those close to me - my second family, the Salesians! It was a public act of cold-blooded mud-slinging, which perhaps, not very many take up to, unless deeply hurt. Whatever be the case, hurt or no hurt, we are no better than the perpetrators of violence (hurt), when we follow the same method, which we were once victims of and now abhor.

It surely takes courage and a lot of strength to break the circle of hurt-anger-revenge. And the mettle of person is tested in moments like these. Sitting now in my office and reflecting about the events of the day, I can confidently say this, but will I stand the test and be willing to stand tall and clean when I am at the centre of it all, is a question.

Lord, help me!

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