Thursday, 9 July 2009

Joseph and ... my memories

The readings of these days takes me back to my good old days at Nashik. The one (of the many) instances that floods my memory is that of staging the musical 'Joseph and his technicolour dream coat'. Wow!!!

I barely have any memory of the final shows, but of the rehearsals, practices and all that went in before the musical was actually staged, I can hardly forget anything. There was John Mwangi, with his curled up beard, as the fellow prisoner of Joseph! There were the parish kids, acting as piglets, eating away royally with their hands when they were actually supposed to eat 'through their pig masks'! Then there was Cletus, acting as Pharoah's wife, trying to seduce Joseph (Branco). Chris, the only one to do a double role - acting as Pharoah and Jacob. Claudius helping out with the choreography and his 'near nude' dance (shadow play). Shankar Bhai Jaganbhai helping out with the lights and all the confusion. Emma as the narrator. Wyman at the sound controls, with that 'zone B' of the amplifier going dead once a while!

Best was Fr Blany, the director, calling out Noby when he was angry: "Joby, come here!" Noby would not move! I gently reminded Fr Blany, "His name is Noby, not Joby." "Whatever," retorted Blany. "Toby, come here!"

Glorious days!

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