Friday, 24 July 2009

Forget metro, build footpaths

There's a news article in The Hindu of today's paper: 'Forget metro-lines, build footpaths!' True indeed, even in our Salesian settings, with all the planning and sketching, laying out of the edifice, choosing tiles, selecting wood, planning the computer room, checking out the water source... we forget some basic requirements: a washroom for visitors, a decent parlour, a store room for electrical and hardware goods, washbasin in the rooms...

Even in our Project of Life and Community Plans (OPPs, EPPs, EPCs...) we make grandiose plans and discuss great ideas, at times at the risk of forgetting basics of personal, communitarian and divine dimension. Let's not forget that a divine life is built on ordinary simple life! Spirituality and Grace work on humanity and it is normally not the other way round!

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